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Roseberry Cake Creations is an award-winning Sydney-based boutique cake design studio inspired by my longtime love of food — especially of the sweet variety!  Born out of my desire to reignite my creative streak with a little out-there thinking, Roseberry Cake Creations is all about creating unique, individually-designed cakes that exceed expectations.

When it comes to cake design, I specialise in vintage-inspired & unconventional wedding cakes and special occasion cakes which are guaranteed to deliver something truly memorable for your special day.

I thrive on turning ideas — no matter how big or small — into visually exciting creations that as many of my clients can attest to, also taste absolutely amazing. Whether you have a fully formed concept, the beginnings of a theme or not the faintest idea of how you’d like your cake to look, I can work with you to create a cake which enhances your celebration in the most striking way.
To keep up to date with my latest work or if you’re seeking cake design inspiration, you can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

It would be a pleasure to be part of your special day and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kerrie x

A work in progress Millennium Falcon cake design
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