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Searching for the perfect Wedding Cake, Engagement Cake or Anniversary Cake?

Wedding cakes, engagement cakes and anniversary cakes may vary, but they all have one thing in common. They’re designed to help you mark a special milestone in your relationship both as a key part of your ceremony and as a delicious end to a decadent feast.


Whether you dream of a wedding cake which matches the fun theme you’ve planned for your big day (check out our Pop Culture Cake photo!) or something simple and classic to match an elegant event, we specialise in creating custom cakes which are the ideal accent to your celebration.  We take pleasure in blending our customers' fresh ideas with our own experience and design skills to create cakes which stop guests in their tracks. Accent your decorations and take ‘cutting the cake’ to new heights with a glorious cake that truly stands out from the crowd.


So, whether it’s an engagement cake for 20 or an anniversary cake for 100; replicating a Dalek or a Dali and topped with anything from Peonies to Pikachu, we invite you to dream big.  The sky's the limit when it comes to your breathtaking wedding cake, engagement cake or anniversary cake from Roseberry Cake Creations!

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