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Looking for Cake Creations for another special day?

Of course, our cake creations are not always designed with a specific birthday, wedding or other special, individual event in mind.  This portfolio is devoted to exploring edible works of art we’ve created for other purposes - from corporate cakes created to reflect our customers' brand colours and icons, to Halloween and Dia de Muertos cakes in striking black.


Explore our individual ‘mini cakes’, which we’ve created in the past for private events as well as for Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifting.  Packaged beautifully in neat white cake boxes tied with a glossy ribbon, they’re a sweet way to show you care, or to thank attendees for participating in an event.  Many of our couples have chosen our mini cakes as wedding favours (small gifts) for their guests - they can be created to compliment your main cake, or look completely different.


Mini cakes are available in a range of themes (think Chocolate, Luxe, Premium, Easter) to suit all recipients and occasions.  They also make thoughtful corporate gifts for Christmas and other times you need to show your appreciation.  And with 70% of respondents in this survey stating that they prefer food as a gift over any other type, you know your present will go down well!


Cakes for events may need to be more restrained than birthday or engagement cakes, but that doesn’t mean they need to be lacklustre.  Every Roseberry Cake Creations cake is an opportunity for us to achieve new benchmarks in flavour, texture and of course, flawless decoration, to suit your business or occasion.


Oh, and, just for fun - owner Kerrie’s Royal Easter Show competition entries are included, to show off what a talented cake artist can do when they’re given absolute free rein! 

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