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Alternative Weddings: Some Inspiration

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Looking to host an alternative wedding which is a million miles away from the cookie cutter standard 'big day', but not sure where to start? We say begin with the edible centrepiece, the cake!

Weddings are a celebration of finding the partner of your dreams and a symbol of hope. Planning the wedding of your dreams is where it all begins, but this planning phase can bring with it a lot of pressure. It can be especially difficult to plan the wedding of your dreams if your ideal day diverges somewhat from your well-meaning friends and relative’s ideal days!

The ideas might be flowing, but if you are struggling to create the alternative wedding of your dreams without much inspiration around, or if you feel like you’ve missed something crucial from your planning, we’re here to help …

alternative wedding rainbow
A rainbow of alternative wedding ideas are waiting for you!

Where to start

Start with an awesome cake, of course! Cakes in various forms have been used to mark a celebration as far back as the ancient Greeks. If the traditional wedding cake is not your thing, choose something that reflects your personalities, interests and your special day. Roseberry Cake Creations can create a cake to match your brief – from Mexican fiesta 3D to geek-chic – and deliver and set-it up at your venue of choice.

Many alternative weddings feature brightly coloured cakes in place of the traditional white or cream. We’ve also created some incredible black cakes in the past few years too, which are visually spectacular.

alternative wedding cake black
Striking black wedding cake!

Browse our Portfolio to see the incredible array of different requests we’ve created over the years, and get in touch to discuss what we can create for your alternative wedding! We have our sleeves rolled up, ready to bring your most creative and unusual ideas to life.

There’s no doubt about it - a cake with the “wow factor” gets everyone in the celebratory spirit and makes the perfect dessert for your event!

The venue

Hosting an alternative wedding allows more creativity and possibilities, but more options mean more decisions!

Indoors or outdoors, or both? One suggestion is to begin by thinking about what it is that you both like doing. Do you ski together? Surf together? Garden together? Art galleries, theatres, beaches, ski lodges, amusement parks, glamping sites, your Nan’s beautiful rose garden… there’s a perfect venue out there for everyone.

If you’d love a destination wedding but the budget doesn’t permit a trip abroad, consider how you can create a similar feeling within your own city, or even within your property (or the property of a friend or relative). A marquee on a beautiful hired property can also feel a world away from the everyday. Some restaurants are impeccably themed to transport their diners to another world; a venue like this combined with thoughtful touches can create a destination wedding vibe without the expensive price tag attached.

The décor & tables

Your décor might be a relaxed barefoot affair, a themed event (Gatsby anyone?!) or super-stunning, classic wedding décor. Neon and glitter balls, dark and edgy or perhaps 1950s vintage?

Having an alternative wedding allows you to create something less stuffy and more you. Which, in theory, means a more relaxed you! Just give yourself time – if you’re doing it yourself, it may take longer than you anticipate. Many brides we’ve encountered set themselves huge foraging projects - such as scouring charity shops for vases from a particular era - which create an impressive result, but are very time consuming.

Don’t forget the impact of a truly epic themed cake on the decor, either - the right cake can go a long way to setting the mood and tone of an event.

A note on tables - if you’re planning a wedding which doesn’t subscribe to old-school rules, then go ahead and lay your tables out however you like. Choose a shape which you think will allow the best atmosphere. Forget table plans and let guests sit where they like. And the centrepieces? This is a real chance to let your creativity flow. From origami to robots, this post has lots of fabulous examples of how to think outside the square for your table decorations.

A big celebration … for everyone

The chemistry is electric between you and your partner. But how about the rest of the wedding party? An alternative wedding allows you the chance to plan a day that can work for you and your guests, and be a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind celebration.

Could you hire a salsa dancing instructor to entertain the guests while you guys sneak off with the photographer for half an hour to get some keepsake shots? Or let the guests explore the venue and find a secret tent serving a themed shot? What are the interests of your guests, and how can you provide an experience they’ll always remember? Would a joke contest be more fun than speeches, or a cocktail mixing station provide a great forum for mingling?

Whatever you decide upon, an alternative wedding gives you the opportunity to have a day that’s truly you, and will never be forgotten.

Photo courtesy of The Advocate

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