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Geek Weddings - AKA You Do You!

Planning a fun and creative geek wedding around you or your partner's personal obsession? We LOVE a geek wedding, and have some great ideas to get you started. And the star of the show? Naturally, your incredible geek wedding cake!


“Geek” is oh-so-cool and as a theme, it makes the perfect celebration of freedom of expression. The chance to be who you are. The opportunity to embrace a part of pop culture that you both just adore. Roll over the one-size-fits-all wedding, shoehorning you into an “event plan” that feels alien to you. When of course, there are no aliens to be seen (which is indeed a missed opportunity if aliens are your thing)!

How to do “your thing”

Of course it doesn’t have to be aliens. It’s about using that spark between you both to light up an incredible celebration. A day which is both brilliantly fun and incredibly memorable. Done the way you both want it to be. And with some planning, you can bring your guests along on the ride with you. We’re here to help you with some tips which will mean your thing becomes everyone’s thing (even your Auntie Joan’s).

The invitation

From the get-go, an amazing invitation gets everyone in the mood for a true geek wedding. We’ve seen some truly incredible, eye-catching invitations over the years for weddings we’ve been part of. From ‘off the shelf’ cards in popular culture themes purchased online, to bespoke designed invitations featuring favourite characters or themes.

If you’re considering a digital invitation, which is great for sustainability, consider including a video element or an audio clip of the theme tune, if your geek wedding is themed around a film or TV universe. It gets guests in the mood, and it also gives Auntie Joan the chance to indulge in some Games of Thrones boxset marathons all in the name of good research.

The outfit

Wow! What a brilliant excuse to wear whatever you’d like.

Thinking of a formal, classic look with little touches of individuality? We love personalised Converse shoes, golf ball lapels or a wire bouquet with little themed charms as ideas to get your started. Some incredible hair and make-up can be a great way to add an accent of your theme to your look in a more subtle way.

Of course, if you’re planning a geek wedding, subtlety might not be what you’re going for. In that case, consider ditching the tuxedo and white wedding dress for a completely different colour palette, style or even a costume. Perhaps Wonder Woman and Captain America are more your thing? Now the creative juices are flowing…!

Geek wedding couple
A geek wedding can incorporate several pop culture loves into one theme!

The cake

Nothing says celebration and creates a focal point for your wedding like a cake, and theming your wedding cake around your passion will win over even those hovering ever-so-slightly on the side lines. If it has to exactly be the cake you want, designed to create a show-stopping moment, you’re in the right place - we love receiving that kind of brief!

At Roseberry Cake Creations, we make decadent creations that are as individual as our clients. From a 3D Star Wars Wedding cake for a Star Wars obsessed couple, to a Lego Hawaiian theme Wedding cake for a couple whose partnership represents a coming together of two passions - geek weddings are one of our favourite occasions to create a masterpiece for.

From cakes which strongly represent one theme to cakes which meld several favourite characters or themes together (yes! We have done cakes like this - click HERE to see), your wish is our “I do”!

First dance

If the idea of a slow dance is making you quake in those sequined Converse boots, then perhaps going for something livelier and getting the whole wedding involved might suit you and the occasion more. The Time Warp is a great choice to get even the most nervous in the mood!

Consider having the theme song from your all-time favourite film franchise or television series as the music for your first dance, to weave that vibe into the moment. Once you throw out the wedding rule book and ditch the need to be ‘serious’, the sky's the limit.

Guest “book”

Cast pen and paper aside and make yourself something 3D for everyone to sign. Be it a Lego model, a funky 3D printed vase or anything else which follows your passion - this small element of your wedding is another opportunity to stamp your geektastic theme on the event. Plus, if you go for an individual keepsake, it can take pride of place in your home, containing the best wishes of your nearest and dearest and reminding you of your brilliant day.

How to decide upon your thing

Have a few passions? Still deciding on which one is your combined raison d’etre? Well of course, there are no rules. Pick as many as you like. Be it Harry Potter, the Binary Code or Video Games. There’s plenty more ideas here to get your creative juices flowing.

Here’s to an incredible, geeky day.

Photo of couple courtesy of Trend Hunter

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